It’s no surprise to us that deciding where to get married can be a big step, and a difficult decision to make. Often it’s the first thing to be ticked off your list, and can really shape the rest of the decisions that you make. The first choice to make is usually, home or abroad? If you always knew you wanted to get married abroad, it’s likely that you hope to create a truly spectacular day to surprise your family and friends, by doing something that little bit different.

Even this single decision can be a big one to make, but once you’ve settled on the ‘abroad’ part, we can step in and make everything else feel simple.  We know that planning a wedding can be overwhelming and definitely a challenge, especially if you are thinking to hold it abroad.

Time differences, cultural, social and linguistic differences can all pose as barriers, causing difficulty and frustration, which is the last thing you need at an exciting time like this. This is precisely where we come in, taking away those difficulties and making your wedding a pleasure to plan.

At Fly Me to the Moon, we provide you with a clear vision and new opportunities, to create your dream wedding in Portugal. We take the time to understand your needs and hopes, finding the best that Portugal has to offer, to align with your expectations.

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We consider Portugal to offer a truly incredible location for a destination wedding. Offering a little bit of everything from north to south, across Portugal you’ll find sun all year round, golden sandy beaches, mountains, deep river valleys, undisturbed nature, breath taking islands and beautiful cultural and traditional accents.

Also famous for the food, the kindness of it’s people and ancient historical places, there are almost too many options to choose from. This is where we come in, by helping you establish the perfect location to suit your unique needs.

We are proud to work with some of the best wedding service providers in the country, that we have personally visited and hand-selected, due to their unique offerings and wonderfully friendly and professional service. We strive to show you just how wonderful getting married in Portugal can really be, celebrating in a beautiful setting, surrounded by your most loved family and friends. We can connect you with our beautiful locations and high standard services, to make your dream wedding a reality.


There are a few little things to note about our services and getting married in Portugal, which may help you when it comes to planning your dream wedding in Portugal…

  • Getting married in Portugal is ideal all year round, due to the pleasant climate. We do recommend that the best months to get married are outside of the peak season, when the weather isn’t too hot. During July and August Portugal can become a little busy with tourism
  • There are no residency requirements to get married in Portugal
  • Since June 2010, marriage between same-sex couples is recognized by law
  • For a recognized civil wedding, please be aware that the ceremony is conducted in Portuguese
  • You will also need to take care of some documents and translations. For all please contact us; we can provide multilingual legal advice
  • If you only wish a symbolic ceremony, there are no legal requirements. You can have your dream wedding and party among your family and friends in the beautiful, sunny Portugal, whether or not you decide to get officially married in your home country
  • If you want a religious ceremony, please know that Portugal is a country that respects other beliefs and expressions of worship thanks to its history. There are Catholic, Anglican, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and other churches in several points of the country.



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