Wedding Planner Specialist

To make planning your big day simple and joyous, we provide you with the option to work with a wedding planner. We have teamed together with a wedding planner based in Portugal, who offers boutique services to make sure your dream day comes together perfectly. Everything can be taken care of for you, from styling and decorating to catering and photography.

Our selected wedding planner who is really the best of the best. We have chosen to work with her simply because we adore her style and passion but in addition her ability to deliver a truly spectacular result on each and every event that she works on. Our Wedding Planner style aligns perfectly with what we do at Fly Me to the Moon, making us a match made in heaven.

The average modern-day couple lead busy lives, which can make wedding planning difficult. This is where a wedding planner comes in. Having worked in the industry in Portugal for a number of years, we are pleased to say we work with the best available.


* During the planning of your wedding with our Wedding Planner Specialist, Fly Me to the Moon will follow up the planning process until your wedding day. If desired by the couple Fly Me to the Moon will be present during the wedding day to help coordinate your wedding together with the Wedding Planner Specialist. Fly Me to the Moon hostess well-trained crew will follow and respect the instructions created by you and the Wedding Planner and will help to host your dream wedding without any extra cost. This service may need to be booked no less than 6 months prior to the date of the wedding.

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